Grow Castle 1.29.9 (APK MOD, Unlimited Coins) Free on Android


Genre: MOD

Current Version: 1.29.9

Games: Arcade

Android: 4.2


Download Free Grow Castle 1.29.9 APK MOD, Unlimited Coins | Grow Castle 1.29.9 (APK MOD, Unlimited Coins) Free Download. Grow Castle 1.29.9 – popular game in the style of tower defense, do all that would not miss the enemies to their land, and do not let your castle to smash. Under your command will be a large number of various warriors who have their own unique abilities and skills. Slugger waves of enemies and earn valuable points for it, which you can spend on recruiting new troops and improve the strength of his castle and walls. Pretty good graphics and very simple control will conquer you from the first minute of the game, become a famous military leader and think over the actions of the enemy on the front.

Grow Castle 1.29.9 (APK MOD, Unlimited Coins) Free Download

Protecting the castle from enemy attack is a game of defence.
If growth can be placed on every floor in the castle tower and the hero.
The more upgrades the town’s archer is becoming a lot more powerful.

More than 120 heroes are able to utilize their own abilities.

Some heroes are made to give the town a powerful archers, another hero is cursed an enemy.

This strategy is important because up to nine can only be mounted on a hero.

You will gain more gold by constructing colonies and recruiting laborers.

Clear your rankings down to a higher level, wave and check out.

Build or join a Guild online. You can interact with people around the world, and play with them.


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Download Grow Castle 1.29.9(8)


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