UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally 1.03 Mod Apk

Download Free UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally v1.03 Mod Apk

UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally v1.03 Mod Apk Free Download

UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally-If something odd is lacking or you want to try yourself as a driver competing in hard road races, if yes, then that’s what you need!

Driving an offroad 4×4 UAZ truck is a popular hobby in Russia! Test it and check your driving skills in the sequel of our rally simulator UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally 2 with other racers on different offroad UAZ truck versions. Get ready for extreme racing-Russian offroad is tough, and Russian UAZ truck is like that!

UAZ 4×4 Offroad Rally 2 features:

— Russian rally racing

— Various UAZ models

— Truck modifications and harm

— Two rallying modes: competitive racing and solo racing

— Three regions: Ural, Siberia and South Russia


UAZ rally for cars!
Try driving a variety of Russian UAZ-every truck has unique qualities of outfit and racing. When you advance, driving becomes more intense. The truck of each competitor becomes harder, the offroad becomes more serious. Upgrade your UAZ truck’s transmission, brakes and other devices to boost simulator driving. Smart rally strategy!

Challenge to push UAZ!
It’s challenging and rewarding to drive UAZ truck. Particularly in intense rally racing! Take part with opponents in racing or enjoy driving solo. The guy with the best rally truck driving skill will be determined by offroad racetrack-Russian offroad takes no less. Prove that it’s you in offroad racing driving Russian 4×4 UAZ truck!



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